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Family Paws Parent Education

Preparing families with dogs for life with children.

Do you want someone who specialises in dog and baby / toddler interactions, who is experienced and understands the unique challenges parents encounter with young children and dogs?

As a Licensed Educator of Family Paws Parent Education, Lisa understands the importance of positive interaction and safety when it comes to your children and family dog. She addresses the concerns of parents and decreases the stress associated with living with an active baby or toddler.

“We got into contact with Lisa to help prepare our dog for the arrival of our new baby. We were Pleasantly surprised with how well our dog did with the instructions given by Lisa. We liked that the instructions given were clear, easy to follow and made sense to our particular situation. There is no way we could have done it on our own. Lisa was always very friendly, flexible and professional.”

Mariella Stabler

Expert Guidance & Professional Support

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