Effective Training Solutions For All Of Your Needs & Budget!

"Lisa is very easy to work with and very accommodating. My family has benefited from the training and so has my newest addition South, my working line German Shepherd. He has come such a long way, we are happy."

- Robert Morris -

About The Training

I will give you the tools, information and solutions to train your dog in basic obedience and with any problem behaviours you may have, which are proven solutions used by trainers and owners all over the world. IT WORKS. Your dog will learn quicker and both of you will have fun, while building a better relationship and bond, through your dog trusting you.

Kinder And More Humane Methods.

All of my training programmes give you:

  1. Outstanding, top-quality service
  2. Instructional Handouts
  3. Training Videos
  4. Access to the trainer between sessions via a telephone call, text, or email
  5. Access to a private membership Facebook group for additional support
  6. On-going lifetime support for my clients
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