Virtual Dog

Do you need help with your dog but cannot attend in person because you:

Lisa has the solution! You can get help with training your dog and solving problem behaviours virtually via Video Conferencing.

Virtual services provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about dog training and behaviour from the comfort of your own home. This format allows me to comfortably review all of your questions and concerns. 

Safe & Effective Training!

“Lisa gives very easy to follow, positive and effective training that both you and your dog will enjoy.”

Ronald Field 

Even in real life, I cannot touch fearful or aggressive dogs, but I can tell the owners what to do. With virtual sessions, I do the same, I can see what you are doing and you can see me too. I am there with you and your dog, to guide you through the training and behaviour protocols.

You can do all of the Private Coaching Packages (where I coach you how to train your dog) I offer, via Virtual Consultation at a discounted price since I will not be travelling to you.

All of the training programmes give you:

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