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Super Star Puppy
Good Manners
Elite Personal Tutoring
Problem Solving Solutions
Behaviour Consultation
Walk This Way – Stop Pulling
Boomerang Buddy - Coming Back
Housetraining 101
Introducing Pets

“Lisa is very professional and patient in her training. I can see she really loves her job and loves dogs. She is very knowledgeable in terms of all sorts of dogs and their behaviours and habits. I have seen a vast improvement in the behaviour of Shadow, our Rottweiler/Bordeaux. Thank you, Lisa, as we continue to build upon the training that you have started.

Elvis Trotman

Super Star Puppy
4 Sessions
For Pups 8-12 weeks old

Learning starts when you bring your puppy home. Train your pup the right way from young!

My methods are gentle and humane for young pups!

You will also learn about handling for grooming, proper nutrition, the importance of vaccinations, 5 freedoms of animal welfare, etc. 

"Lisa is a godsend! Lisa has guided us on our pawsitive journey to help integrate our little Shadow into our family. Lisa has shown us how to use positive reinforcement to properly train our pup and taught us how to better understand each other. Thank you, Aunty Lisa! Love, Shadow and his Humans.”

Therese & Gavin James

Your Pup Will Learn:

Prevent / Solve:

Good Manners:
6 Sessions
For Puppies & Dogs: 8 Weeks & Older

ELITE Personal Tutoring
18 sessions
For Puppies & Dogs: 8 Weeks & Older

The fastest, easiest way to a better-behaved dog. This Programme is for you if:

Whether you want an in-depth course which covers obedience and dealing with problem behaviours, or you just want to deal with specific issues, I will design a programme based on your wants and needs.

Problem Solving Solutions
3 Sessions

Private Lessons for owners who need help with specific problems with their dog, eg jumping up, nipping, chewing and destruction, digging, barking, pulling on leash, not coming, etc.

Pick 5 problems you are having that you need help with and I will give you the tools to solve them.

Behaviour Consultation

Consultation for owners who are having serious problems with their dog, such as Separation, Isolation or Confinement Anxiety; Aggression – Dogs, Other Animals, People; Resource Guarding: Belongings, Food, Toys; Shy, Nervous, Fearful Dogs. We will discuss the problems in detail. Within a few days, a Behaviour Modification Protocol will be created to give you the necessary tools for management and improvement.

"My dog is very aggressive towards strangers or anyone other than my household. After training with Lisa, she is much more sociable. It wasn’t easy but Lisa was very patient and encouraging even though it seemed as if "Cujo" (as my dog was nicknamed) was untrainable as she was initially biting and snarling at everyone. She is not a puppy and I'm happy to say that at 5 years old, I am now able to leave her in the care of someone other than myself or household, this was a definite no-no before."

Jacqueline Antoinette

Walk This Way:
Stop Pulling
4 Sessions

Tired of your dog dragging you when you go for walks? Master Loose Leash Walking! The focus of this class is polite walking on leash, particularly in the presence of distractions

"Arya and I learnt a lot from our lessons with Lisa about walking on the leash. Arya was impossible to walk with before our work together with Lisa. But now she is sensible enough that I am able to go for a pleasant walk with our other dogs. It’s a major difference.”

Jane Armstrong

Boomerang Buddy:
Coming Back
4 Sessions

Get your dog coming back to you when called. Build a reliable recall despite a variety of distractions. 

Housetraining 101
1 Session

Learn how to housetrain your pup to prevent and avoid accidents in your home. You will learn when your pup needs to “go”, body language for elimination, what to do if accidents happen, etc.

Introducing Pets

Prevent dog fights by planning ahead and being patient. If your pets get off on the wrong paw, it may cost lots of money in Veterinary Bills and putting up a fence. Learn how to read body language and how to successfully introduce your pets to each other, so they can live in harmony together.

"Recently brought home a new puppy and was hesitant in introducing him to our older dog. So I sought the assistance of Lisa. She was great, educated me on the behaviours of both dogs and what to do. Totally eased my fears, the introduction went great. Would highly recommend her and utilize her services for puppy training."

Erin Greene

MY DOG TRAINER saves you time and hassle by visiting you at your home – with private & individual attention. It is tailored to fit your lifestyle, wants, and needs.

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